The Travel Blog Phenomenon

Today, just about everyone has a blog. A blog, for those of you who don’t know, is a web-based log (sometimes called a weblog) where entries are made, like a journal, on a regular basis. To cut to the chase, a blog is an online, public diary. People create blogs to chronicle their life, relationships, adventures, work, etc. and, in most cases, allow readers to leave comments on their blog entries. Many top business professionals also keep blogs to communicate their research and stir debate on hot issues. For consumers, blogs are a good source for first-hand experiences and opinions, and can provide insight on various products and services that can’t be found anywhere else. So in the end, blogs allow people to express their un-sponsored” thoughts on anything they want to talk about, and web surfers to read first-hand experiences and personal opinions on products, services, and even travel destinations.

That’s exactly why travel blogs are becoming very popular in the online travel sector. A travel blog can provide you with details and personal experiences and stories that your typical travel guide book just can’t offer. And for avid travelers, a travel blog allows them to share their adventures with everyone on the World Wide Web. They use their blog as a soap box, proclaiming to the virtual world their likes and dislikes about foreign cities, countries, and towns. The information you find on someone’s travel blog can often help you decide where to go, what sights to see, and what to expect when you arrive at your destination.

Travel Blog vs. Conventional Travel Guide

In many cases, a travel blog blows conventional travel guides out of the water. Even though printed travel guides are written by professional travel writers, a travel blog can often express more emotion and detail regarding a specific travel destination. Travel blogs can also be updated instantaneously, reflecting the latest news and events that might affect travelers interested in journeying to that destination. Conventional travel guides, however, can go years without being updated, making them less accurate than a travel blog. And since anyone can start their own online travel blog, there will always be new and insightful first-hand travel information, experiences, and advice available.

However, conventional travel guides do have an edge over travel blogs they’re portable. All you need to do is slip your travel guide book in your suitcase or back pocket (some publishers actually have pocket-sized travel guides) and you have a reference for your travels every step of your journey. Since travel blogs are web-based, you’d need a laptop or some sort of portable device to reference a travel blog when you’re in-country. Sure you can print out parts of a specific travel blog, but most of the time it’s just easier to have an all-inclusive guide book handy when you travel.

So what’s the solution? Use both! Search the web for as many destination-relevant travel blogs and purchase a travel guide book. Use both resources to learn about your travel destination and discover personal experiences other travelers have had when they visited the country/city.

Travel Blogs Use Them

Travel blogs have revolutionized the way we plan our vacations, business trips, honeymoons, etc. A travel blog can provide you with detailed travel stories, first-person experiences, and advice on what to do and what to avoid. If you’re planning a trip and want to verify that your travel destination will provide you with the experiences you’re hoping it will, search the web for travel blogs and get a second opinion

Travel Blog

Make the most of your travel activities by passing on the delights and highlights of your excursion on a vacation weblog.

This put up exhibits you how to publish fantastic submit titles. Are you hunting for more website visitors to your journey weblog? 1 important is creating post titles that contain keywords and that at the very same time are interest grabbing. Below is how:


These days it is simple to go unnoticed. I worked tough on a weblog put up about Cordoba province in Argentina. Alas, this submit, that I labored so difficult on, in no way received much more than a handful of sights more than a number of months. So, I decided it was time to do anything.

Instance one – Original Title.

Of brunettes, fernet con coca and UFOs…

I believed it was clever, it sounded fairly poetic and literary.

Improved title:

How to see a UFO in Cordoba, Argentina.

That gets your focus! It””s a cheeky publish title, simply because I don””t inform you actually how to see UFOs but in which to see them (if you believe in them of program!). A put up title that begins, ””How to…”” is a established marketing technique that Operates! Out of the blue this put up became 1 of my most searched for posts, quadrupling the number of sights in only a week.

Instance two.

ITBC youth rally, 2008, Holland.

The ‘ITCB’ for example is an organisation that only people who accumulate journey memorobilia are probably to know about. So seeking to sensationalise the submit title as considerably as feasible it grew to become this:

Weird travel collections: Shrunken heads from Peru.

And once more it became a single of my most well-known posts. The next submit title tells you a lot much more about the content and it genuinely piques a people curiousity.

two)Search phrases!

Illustration one.

The first titles contains no keywords and phrases (words and phrases that folks are going to use in a look for engine to find your submit), so not numerous folks are heading to see the submit. However, How to see a UFO in Cordoba, Argentina has the keywords and phrases HOW TO, SEE, UFO and ARGENTINA, terms that folks are quite very likely to lookup for in Google, if for case in point they want to find out info on where and how to see UFOs in Argentina.

Example two.

ITBC youth rally, 2008, Holland is a quite specialized title that is going to confuse and put several folks off having a look at the put up. Bizarre travel collections: Shrunken heads from Peru consists of the keywords SHRUNKEN, HEAD, PERU and Selection, all things that people are very likely to look for in Google.

Running a blog is a well-known passion these days. Folks make weblogs to categorical and share their stories and experiences. Other folks signal up in website web sites to earn income. Vacation bloggers share their travel articles or blog posts for men and women to read. Readers are ready to discuss about the journey website and share their views about the post.

You can’t start blogging without submitting articles or blog posts. Proficient posts are personalized experiences. Be innovative by submitting photographs and clips to make your weblog site fascinating to the visitors.